1. Click “Settings” icon.


2. Click “Access Settings” link.

3. Select and Assign tab to users and click “Save Privileges”.






4. Click “Action Privileges” of respective user and assign permissions accordingly.

5. Lastly, Click “Save Privileges” button.


· In SCOPIDEA "Assigning permissions" means granting users extra rights to perform some operations.

· By default new added user can only view “Dashboard” tab. Tabs will be assigned by admin.

· Permissions determine whether you can access an object and what you can do with it. For example, you might have access to a document on a shared    folder on a network. And even though you can read the document, you might not have permissions to make changes to it. System administrators and  people with administrator accounts on SCOPIDEA can assign permissions to individual users.

· SCOPIDEA makes sure what information the application wants to access before authorizing access.